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Pubg Mobile Lite APK

Welcome, PUBG mobile lite is here. PUBG Mobile Lite, a version of the popular battle royale hit designed to work with a wider range of smartphones, is out now on Google Play in “several regions” of Southeast Asia, South Asia, North Africa, and South America.

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PUBG Mobile, a spinoff of the popular PC and console game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is already the world’s top-grossing mobile game. PUBG MOBILE LITE uses fantastic Engine 4 and builds on the original PUBG MOBILE gameplay to create action-packed Arena Mode matches lasting 10 minutes. The streamlined game requires only 600 MB of free space and 1 GB of RAM to run efficiently. It earned $167M in July, according to mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower, and amassed more than 50 million daily players as of June. This new version will likely only increase PUBG Mobile’s already huge presence, especially when it becomes more extensively available.

Pubg Mobile Lite APK Download

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Download Pubg Mobile APK Game

PUBG Mobile Lite will have superior aim assist, no bullet drop effect on longer-distance shots, and less weapon recoil. PUBG Mobile Lite, developed by Chinese gaming giant Tencent and PUBG Corp, requires 490MB of free space to download, compared to the 1.6GB for the newest version of PUBG Mobile. The app is considered to run on devices with less than 2GB of RAM, too. PUBG Mobile Lite is not the first version of PUBG designed for less-capable devices.

Download Pubg Mobile APK Game

In January, the PUBG Corp began testing PUBG Lite, a free-to-play version of PUBG, with users in Thailand, and it has since expanded the test to regions in South Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. As PUBG faces continued competition from Fortnite and other popular battle royale and mobile games, its makers seem eager to bring the game to as many platforms as possible. It’s an approach that’s worked well for Epic Games, which earned $2.4 billion off Fortnite in total last year, and it would seem to be paying off for PUBG as well. The game has been downloaded more than 400 million times as of June of this year, and PUBG Lite will only drive that number higher.

Pubg Mobile Lite APK Download Free


PUBG Mobile Lite features consist of an enhanced aim aid, a new Winner Pass, bullet trail adjustment, weapon recoil suppression, an extended time to kill, location display, ability to heal yourself while moving, map quality optimization, and many more.

Enhanced aim aid makes aiming simpler and easier in the game. Winner Pass is similar to PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass and comes with much faster achievement unlocks and span a month with rewards on offer for players.

Bullet trail adjustment and weapon recoil suppression. Bullet trail adjustment feature will bring an increased bullet speed with no bullet drop effect to ensure a clearer shot. The weapon recoil suppression feature will hold back weapon recoil to a certain amount for better game-control and experience.

Extended time to kill will increase the ‘Time to Kill’ to enhance a player’s chance of surviving. To make the game a bit easier, the game comes with a location display feature, which will expose a shooter within the mini map’s range.

In addition, this game will allow players to heal themselves even while they are moving. The company states that this feature is useful in high latency conditions. Tencent Games has also increased the building density and loot frequency for players to have better gaming experience.

The players can use a Room Card to form a custom room to add up to 60 players of his/her own choice.

The players can buy outfits, parachute skins, weapon skins, and much more from the shop by spending the required amount of BP or BC.

This game supports over 12 different languages, which is quite a user friendly.


Do the PUBG lite and PUBG mobile share accounts?

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are two different games. Thus, they function on separate accounts.

Can we play PUBG mobile with PUBG lite?

No, The servers of both the games are dissimilar. Hence, it is not possible for the players to play together.

Can I delete or reset my account?

No, you can’t delete or reset the PUBG Mobile Lite account yet.

How much RAM is needed for PUBG Mobile Lite?

1 GB of RAM and 500MB of storage.

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